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The surface where gall material be required by the version

  The surface where gall material be required by the version of the CD standard is not missing pieces multi-chip.

  Plus cotton parts: 100g loose cotton: hat in × 1, cap piece × 2; 200g cotton: collar; 100g needles: 1 / 2 small collar, placket, 1 / 2 pocket mouth × 2Plus gall material parts: placket, pocket mouth, small collar, and collar.

  Production steps|Plus cholesterol mine feeding site: fly, pocket mouth, small collar, collar,Reference lines like clothing and drawings|Line reference samples and drawings}.

  From 11 - 13-pin pin / 3cm open air track, 12-14-pin / 3cm dark trace. Commissural with a 11 # needle, wire needle with a 9 #.

  Along the color line, and body surface line.

  All parts to be straight line, sewing thread trace 30cm may not have two single hop and continuous stitch, stitch does not allow skipping. Surface, bottom line should be tight, landing to fight back needle.

  Sleeve Chouse: unlined chip Chouse first, and then charge down the sodium line. Pleating lines and the shoulder seam to seam.

  Steam eyes with color across the mattress.

  A large zipper requirements for smooth, not fire. Placket chain pull head asked Zola to right insert, editor of 0.1cm line.

  Main label, trumpet nails in it after; washing superscript in it the left side seam of 1 / 2 standard.

  All lining joint request packet seam, Pointing cloth inside cuffs.

  Pocket 1CM decorative line after the line first filling cashmere series.

  By cotton cloth, hats week 0.1cm open wire loop to go, hat before the mouth 0.1 +2.5 cm open wire at the end of the mouth with 0.1 open wires. Hat bottom port 0.1 open. Specific reference is satisfied line drawings.

  The shoulder seam, armpit, belt pocket of Bucharest.

  Semi-finished products have small hot, flat ironing clothes; no aurora.

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